Smart Features In Your Trucking Software

Save Time & Money With These Smart Features In Your Trucking Software

The trucking industry distributes goods all over the world and it is the most used mode of transportation used by other industries to bring their raw materials to their work sites. Therefore, trucking industry has become a market of billions of dollars, so many entrepreneurs are investing in it. So, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur starting a trucking business is really a wonderful idea. For many entrepreneurs starting a trucking company is a difficult task because lots of things need to be managed in order to run it effectively. But these were the things in the past, and nowadays every trucking business owner opts for trucking software as it helps them in managing and controlling their various task with greater ease and efficiency.


In today’s competitive trucking business environment, smart and efficient working is a necessity. This is the reason why entrepreneurs are looking for new technologies and methods to transform their business so that they can sustain their position in a competitive environment. To grow and survive they need to look for the best and affordable automation solutions for your trucking business. Moreover, the right software will help you save time and money because everything is done automatically with the help of it. Long ago sending goods from one part of the country to another via trucks was a nightmare.

Features You Need To Look In Your Trucking Software

  • Order processing

The right trucking software system allows you to take an order through the order processing system. But make sure that the software that you choose has an easy and very intuitive order processing feature.  Also, a reliable trucking accounting software has full-fledged order processing system for the trucking industry that can easily track origin, destination, date, time, etc. so that you can effectively manage your orders.

  • Load Planning & Dispatch

Every trucking businesses large or small need to keep in their mind that communication is vital for its effective functioning. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable truck dispatch software that will help you take control of their trucking business effectively without worrying about losing track of your customers. Also, make sure that the application that you choose has an inbuilt trucking dispatch software features as it will help you in saving lot of and time and money by making the delivery cycle more modernized and efficient.


  • Fuel management & IFTA Software

What is ifta Fuel Management features of the trucking software:

IFTA will help you to track your fuel expenses. Moreover, the right trucking software has also inbuilt features of  IFTA software. This is because IFTA Fuel Tax reporting and payments are an essential requirement for all trucking companies. Therefore, you need to look for trucking software that will keep a record of all the fuel purchases so that you effectively and timely file the tax returns and pays all the due taxes as per the rules of IFTA.

  • Truck routing

The trucking industry distributes goods all over the globe. Therefore, you need to choose the trucking software that has integrated features of truck routing as it will generate routes and calculate miles for order quoting and IFTA purposes. For eg pc miler software is the best route mapping software which will help you to run your trucking business effectively. This software includes all the features and characteristics that are needed to run trucking business effectively.  Moreover, it will also help you to improve hours-of-service compliance and provide the fastest routing, based on real-time. Always remember that the right routing software can assist a company in controlling the day to day processes involved in the transportation of their goods.

  • Integrated reports & analytics

To run your trucking business effectively you need to track and record a lot of different pieces of information. This is because integrated report & analytics provide insights into your business and helps you in taking better decision. If you want to grow your business and want to get ahead of your competitors, then you need to look for a system that will help you to track and record of financial reports, employee reports, vehicle reports, and cash flow reports. Therefore, you need a trucking software that has auto transport software features as it will help you save money and time and also improves profit margins.

A transportation management system is not an easy task because you need to keep track of various things such as the cost of the different journeys, the load of the journey, fleet management, demand of customers and many other things if you want to succeed in the business. But with the advancement of technology jobs have become a lot easier. Choosing the right system is necessary because it has all the tools and tracking devices that allow truckers to manage their business effectively.

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